VLC Player Apk

If you are Music lover. Wants to play any format in one Player. Then it’s for you. The VLC media player. Because this player is most stable than any others. And also this is flexible and lightweight for audio and video play for android phones. You can play MP4, Mp3, With this very easily. You can play any version of video and audio with Hassle free with VLC Player Apk.

It supports any version of Android. VLC Media Player needed a small space for the run. You can easily use it on 512 RAM android phones. Also, you can use it on your Computer. It has .exe Format for your Computer. You can update it in a very easy way. And it shouldn’t take so much data from you. You can update this software in one click.

VLC Player Apk Fast and Smooth

Its work very fast and you can play it smoothly. Only this software gives you all format playing advantage. No other media player shall give you this opportunity. It can play unusual formats with the use of a codec. It can simply refuse to play things. MPEG to FLV and RMVB everything can be played by this. There is a big surprise that  V10 bit codes plus Multi-threaded decoding for User. That can able to play HD and BluRay also. It has more useful things that it can Play to preview files that you can play when you are downloading since it plays incomplete parts of video and audio files. This player is not just a video playback. However, it also can good integration with video live streaming services. ESPN, Reuters, and National Geographic can be played by the VLC media player. Just click on the channel you want to watch and streaming on channels.com and streaming should begin almost immediately.

It has more. It has hotkey support, and you can learn the shortcuts so it can be controlled without touching mouse. If you see DVD or Video file no problem and it is not an issue. You can control features an equalizer, and you can create the playlist.

This player is a more flexible player than any other player. You can use it as a converter to convert your files and all the formats and physical media it will play, many streaming protocols and TV capture cards will be supported on this player.

Subtitles to video files are very easy on this player. Just add the SRT file to the folder where your video kept. Then it will be played automatically play with subtitles.

There is also good news that the interface in VLC media Player.apk has been improved in version 2 although it remains best functional.  The preferences menu is comprehensive without being documentation online.

It’s free software. You can download it from Play Store and various website. You can also download it from VLC media player website. No need money to download this software.

So we can say that the VLC media player for Android version is the best media player for everyone. It gives you hassle-free Music.

Enjoy! to use VLC Player.



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