Unexpected Store Exception Windows 10

Introduction of latest operating systems by Microsoft no doubt provides computer users the chance to enjoy and make use of enhanced specialties. But, the introduction of any new operating system is never short of effects. One such Error message is the Unexpected_Store_Exception error message. This is one of the newest error messages that users of Windows OS encounter.

Unexpected store exception has bothered many users after they updated from past versions of Windows 10. It is usually accompanied by the dreaded BSOD or the blue screen of loss.

Unexpected Store Exception Windows 10

Maximum time this exception has been inflated because of your anti-virus program. We will consider removing the anti-virus to prevent the blue screen of death from reoccurring. If you need to confirm that it’s the anti-virus holding the guilty party, you can do that by running through your bug details. In there, you shall be able to see the ‘raw stack’ which includes the tracks that have been designed by the operating system. In there, you have to be able to find errors that force correspond to the drivers that are done by your anti-virus or malware-protection details. I shall share some methods o solve this problem.

Method 1. Repairing Corrupt System Files:

Download and operate Reimage Plus to scan and recover corrupt and removed files from here, once done proceed with the solutions below. It is essential to ensure that all system files are intact and not corrupt before continuing with the answers below.

Method 2. Uninstalling Anti Virus Program:

Windows 10 becomes “Microsoft Defender” as a default and excellent virus security application, so even if you remove your anti-virus from your PC, don’t worry, your PC will be secured. To be more particular, users operating McAfee reported that McAfee was the offender.

Perform some steps to uninstall:

Push the “Windows key + X” to pick up the pop-up menu above the start key seem.

Choose “Control panel” from the menu. In the control panel, you should be ready to see a part that goes with the name “Programs.” Click on that.

Here you order notice a list of programs installed on your computer. From the list, go forward and see your anti-virus software. If you have installed many modifications of security software when you should ideally uninstall all of them. To do so, directly click on your choice and agree on “Uninstall.”
You will be asked whether you want to continue with the uninstallation.
Watch the onscreen steps to complete the uninstallation.

And last Restart your computer.

Method 3. Run System File Controller

Unexpected Store Exception error behind the Windows 10, you could additionally try to run the created-in Policy File Checker assistance to repair corrupt files on your PC.

You could do the following.

-Step 1. Right-click the Start button and then select -Command Prompt (Admin)
-Step 2. In the command prompt window, enter SFC /Scannow and papers Enter
Note: There’s a space between “SFC” and “/.”

-Step 3. The System File Checker device will scan out the wrong files and then repair them.

If you work into the Unexpected Store Exception error after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and find other workarounds to resolve the problem,


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