samsung galaxy s4 battery

here is no denying the feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but something can always be increased and in this state it the battery life that needs changing. If you have been looking for ideas to increase your Galaxy S4 battery lifetime, you have come to the right site. Here are our regular Galaxy S4 battery maintenance tips.

-Adjust the display brightness and screen timeout:

Your phone’s display is the whole one cause of battery drain. But this is an obvious fix. Simply secure that you haven’t reviewed the auto box for the screen brightness, and dim the screen. You might require to turn it up repeatedly in direct sunlight since AMOLED displays can be involved to read outdoors at events, but this is easy to do manually. You can also reduce the duration of timeouts. The lower the timeout, the more battery you will save.

-Set in the Galaxy S4 battery saving mode:

Galaxy S4 is complete by stories, which is a dual-edged argument since those usually make a set of the battery draining. The benefit is that it looks like a Power saving mode, which will enable you to eke out the end parts of your device’s battery lifetime.

Turn this on by moving to Settings > My device > Power maintenance mode. What that does is borders the processor including screen brightness, and disables haptic feedback, the shake you know when you type: any regular features which are the ravenous power users of them every.

-Disable smart gestures:

If similar to many Galaxy users, you don’t find yourself swiping your palm joined the front of the screen to capture screenshots all that often, you can carefully disable the actions furthermore signals built into TouchWiz without understanding a tremendous insight of death. The bonus is that doing so will also protect you some battery.
To put an end to these stories go to Settings > My device > Motions and gestures and swipe the toggles to the port side.

-Use a black wallpaper:

Your Galaxy S4 has a beautiful AMOLED screen, which indicates black pixels are not ignited up. If the pixels aren’t lit up, you’re keeping battery lifetime. So if you possess a black wallpaper, you could save a bit of battery. It’s straightforward to set one too, so if you don’t mind the aesthetic difference it makes, you should give it a go.

-Switch off available settings options also auto-sync on the Galaxy S4:

Leaving specific settings on may make your battery to slowly but surely settle. If you have NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS plus Mobile Hotspot set on at all times; it will drain the battery pretty rapidly.

The good thing is that these are simple to toggle on also off in the Smart settings of your device. Just swipe hair to get the notification shade – if any of these settings are bright green, they’re active. Touch them to deactivate them. You might want to go one step removed and finish auto-syncing on any cloud storage apps you force have installed.

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