keyboard not working windows 10

If you have newly upgraded to Windows 10 and momentarily your keyboard isn’t running, you’re not alone. Several other Windows 10 users are describing the same problem.It is not stable for everyone to update to Windows 10, and many critical issues may necessitate place. The desktop either laptop keyboard freezes running behind upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 either Windows 7. Still, it did run flawlessly before the install of Windows 10. Under are some methods to solve the desktop or laptop keyboard not running in Windows 10 issue.

keyboard not working windows 10

Method 1: Update Your BIOS to Solve Desktop either Laptop Keyboard Not Working in Windows 10

If your keyboard is not running in Windows 10, like the Surface keyboard not working, Lenovo keyboard is not working, etc., get sure your BIOS version is up-to-date, or else you need to update your BIOS. The BIOS, an acronym for Central Input/ Output System, which manages the attached devices such as the video adapter, keyboard, hard disk, mouse, and printer. Therefore, if the BIOS is old or corrupted, your keyboard won’t run.

Method 2: Download the Keyboard Driver to Solve Keyboard Not Running after Windows 10 Update

Your system is upgraded to Windows 10, but your keyboard driver won’t be updated automatically, that is, your outdated driver may appear on the keyboard not working on Windows 10 update issue. Downloading and installing the proper keyboard driver for Windows 10 could make it work properly again. You could get the keyboard driver into Device Manager, or reliable drivers download utility Driver Talent.

1. Device Manager

Understand the steps according to update the keyboard driver for Windows 10 through Device Manager.
Step 1. Press Windows + X key among click Device Manager.
Step 2. Set the Keyboard device image, also then right-click on the drive icon and picked Update driver software.
Step 3. Click Browse my computer for driver software.
Step 4. Select Let me pick from a listing of device drivers on my computer and chose on the Have Disk button.
Step 5. Select the driver choice according to your keyboard model and install your required keyboard driver.


2. Automatic Driver Update Utility

If you are not affectionate of applying Device Manager to download the keyboard driver and favor a simple-and-quick method manually. You could try the widely-used automated drivers download utility Driver Talent, which is a one-stop resolution to help you favorably download and install the proper genuine keyboard driver in minutes to get rid of your keyboard not working query in Windows 10, applied to Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Samsung, HP, etc.

Step 1. Identify Your Keyboard Driver Issue
Launch Driver Talent. Your old, perverted or broken keyboard driver order be considered out in seconds.

Step 2. Download and Install Suitable Keyboard Driver to Fix Keyboard Not Running after Windows 10 Update
You could snap “Repair” or “Update” to immediately download and install the right keyboard driver for Windows 10 automatically.

Step 3. Restart Your PC
Follow the on-screen guidance to reboot your desktop or laptop to make all setting take effect.
Note: It is vital to strengthen up your drivers before installing a new Windows 10 keyboard driver in case you want to reinstall it sometime. Driver Talent also allows you to restore your drivers from backup.


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