How to Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device

Reboot and Select your Proper Boot Device error is caused because of corrupt system files, wrong boot order or hard disk crash. These are some primary causes due to the error is caused in Windows. This error occurs when you boot your Windows, and if you restart your computer, you would not be able to boot as you will be covered with a black screen among error message.

In sometimes even replacing the damaged hard disk doesn’t look like fix the problem but don’t despair here at troubleshooter, we have listed few possible resolutions which will help you troubleshoot this problem quickly.

How to Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device

At first, we have to know what is the reboot and select proper boot device:

Mainly there is a chip soldered on your PC’s Motherboard named the “BIOS Chip,” and that chip is responsible for starting your Computer System, mostly from the opening.

If you don’t know, which Operating System is installed in Computer’s Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive (which depends on Computer) and that BIOS Chip is the one, who begin the Operating System from your HDD/SSD and gets it running by working the Boot Volume.

And By displaying the error title “Reboot and select your proper boot device” either “Insert boot media in your selected boot device and press any key” your BIOS is just trying to say, that it is not able to identify your Computer’s Operating System Drive.

Reboot and Select proper Boot device error could be a rigid system or hardware error. And if you have no idea how to repair this error, you can take your computer to the repair shop to have it set. But before you decide it, you can try some solutions. You may correct the error on your yours with these solutions. Then you don’t require to take the computer to the servicing shop and save enough money.

I shall give some quick tips for some primary problem:

-In case, if you are receiving this error while booting your bootable USB flash drive then it’s likely that the software what you use to get your pen drive bootable isn’t running on your computer. Just use some different one to boot that USB.
-In case, you made the new build for yourself or bought a new Computer for yourself and having this difficulty on that PC. Then it’s entirely possible that your computer or laptop don’t have any operating system installed on it. And yes, it also occurs a lot when you installed a new Hard Drive or SSD into your computer.
-If you are having this problem randomly, or maybe your hard drive isn’t detected by the BIOS, then it’s entirely possible that your HDD got dead or having some difficulty in it.

If those don’t work, then you can work with some more things. Those are:

1. Check Power Cable to the Hard Disk Drive:
If the power cable is broken or attached incorrectly, the HDD cannot be identified. Then the error would cause. You can test the power cable on a different computer.

2. Check the Boot Order Settings in BIOS:
Usually, Windows should boot from hard drive. In the BIOS, if the main boot device is not set as a hard drive but an external hard drive same a USB flash drive, the error would occur. So go into BIOS to check and change the boot device to hard drive as the first priority if necessary.

3.Clean RAM
If the RAM is dirty, the computer may display you this error. Clean the dirt on the RAM with a soft fabric and see if the error continues.

I Hope that solutions will help you to resolve the error.

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