How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Recall Problem

Samsung Galaxy S7 including Galaxy S7 Edge are great phones that have exceeded our list of best phones furthermore best smartphones in the US because of their release. We love those phones for their beautiful screens, excellent build character, and fantastic cameras.

But, no phone is perfect, and that’s no mixed with the Samsung Galaxy S7. Typical problems vary from minor turns to catastrophic hardware malfunctions. You’re not only if you have encountered these, as many Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge buyers have reported the related problems regularly.

In this guide, we’ll explain the most common Samsung Galaxy S7 problems plus what you can do to fix them.

One of the most fundamental problems among the Samsung Galaxy S7 plus S7 Edge is crackling either distorted audio. There can be several reasons why this is occurring, so thoroughly run your way through this program to see if your query is solved.

-If you’re attempting to play music from the Galaxy S7 speakers behind dunking it in some water, your speakers may require drying explanation first. Yes, the Galaxy S7 is water repellent, but playing audio within wet speakers will deteriorate the sound.
-Double check the speaker grilles behind your phone is wiped out to see if there’s any wreckage that could be affecting the audio.
-Last but not cramped, there could do a software bug making audio parodies in your Galaxy S7. Head over to Settings > Tones and vibration and then scroll down to Sound quality and consequences. Here you can try toggling UHQ Upscaler above and off to see if that resets the audio.

-microSD card pop-up notification:

One of the more irritating glitches on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is the microSD card pop-up alert that just would not go off, giving users opportunities to Explore or Eject the card.

Some users only experience this disease of a statement behind rebooting, though others see the message more frequently. You can just dismiss the notification every time, but that is not a good, long-term solution.

The most natural remedy to the problem is to perform a system update to see if the annoying bug is fixed. Some people have reported the information going away following playing a software update.

-S7 green screen of death:

If your screen has turned green, you are not the only one. A little number of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones have a problem where the screen turns and stays green.

If your screen is turning green, the screen is cracked and needs to be returned. Contact Samsung as soon as possible to start the repair process. Few users have noticed that hard resetting here phone pressing moreover holding the Power and Volume down keys can solve the green screen effect, but only immediately.

-Unresponsive phone with black screen:

Some Samsung Galaxy S7 users have published on the “Black screen concerning death,” where the phone seems to still function but will not wake up nothing that switches are pressed. Music will even play, and the notification light will again blink, but users are unable to understand their phone up.

A temporary fix is to perform a solid reboot, which indicates pushing including taking the Power and Volume down keys together for 10 seconds. Make the smartphone to reboot. If a hard reset does not work, you can try lighting your Galaxy S7 in safe mode.

-Short battery life:

While the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have more significant figures than their mothers, some users still complain about little battery life. Android has a strong battery control application that can make you troubleshoot amazing your battery life distress.

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