5 Clever Ways for How Do You Grill Without a Grill?

No grill for your poolside or evening part? Thinking of how do you grill without a grill? We have a solution for that too. You can make the small or large size of the grill just from scratch. Just look around your home, kitchen, and garage and find the appropriate metal tools.

Grill, BBQ, etc not only depend on occasion it’s a treat that anybody enjoys anytime of the year. And the good thing about the indoor grill is you can have the grilled steak inside of your kitchen, balcony or hall no matter what season it is. And you can grill anything without having the actual grill, and this is the most fun part.

How Do You Grill Without a Grill?

how do you grill without a grill


So, let’s see how to make indoor or outdoor grill form simple things. We consider all size of the grill to make so everyone can choose or decide their perfect one from here. Besides if you need best indoor grill for home use, see the reviews on these to choose quality one.

1. Soda can grill

Your empty soda cans could come handy for making a quick and easy grill. Take a large drink can and slice the half vertically. So, it can quickly cover a hot dog or slice of meat. Now cut a strong net and place it on the can grill before putting some caracole inside the can. It’s a versatile indoor and outdoor grill and super cheap.

I had a friend who used this trick, and he had his mini can grill with a tiny stand and handle included one side of the can. It helps him to open and close the lid quickly without getting burn. It was looked like miniature smoke BBQ grill. You can try this ideal too.

2. Bread loaf grill

It’s another handy indoor grill similar to the can grill for everyone. The bread loaf grill offers better control while making the grill. The usage is same, and you don’t need to cut the loaf pack ever. Just add a stationary clip or screw so you can add another bread loaf pack to cover your hot dog or petty. It’s easy while turning the steak or sausage when need also, you can add some mushroom or other vegetables. It has a lot of space though you can add a whole bunch of charcoal and a net or wire surface at the top.

3. Clay pot grill

This one is my favorite because it has a room for making a large size of the steak, BBQ, etc. in no time. You can buy a clay pot especially for the grill or use any old one from the garden. The large terracotta planer is a smart option to choose, but you can select any size of pot according to your need. I can guaranty you will have much better result from clay pot grill. Also, you can use your kitchen lids to cover the grill or just use aluminum foil. Use the aluminum foil to trick the heat and save the steaks for dirt coming from the charcoal. Make a circle according to the size of the pot after placing charcoals. Then set the net (anything will be nice, like wire, fence net, and replacement grill grate) on the foil circle, let it heat and then the steak, burger, vegetables, etc.

4. Over-sized can grill

This method will help you grill meat, fish or steak for 3-4 people. This is not like the soda can grill, it’s little different from above three. First, cut the can into 2-3 inch slice top to bottom so the whole can look like a flower. You will get 10+ slicing without cutting the base. The base and its 4 inches above will be uncut. It will work as the charcoal holder. Now spread the slices so you can add your grill rack or net onto it. Take a large piece of aluminum foil to cover the can entirely and add the hot charcoal to it. Now gradually place the net/ rack and the meat/ fish/ vegetables to BBQ.

You can set up this indoor grill (single or double) permanently into your balcony or yard if you often through the BBQ parties. It’s kind an option to make BBQs with actual test and flavor in a pretty significant amount of quantity.

5. Tire rim grill

This one is an odd but an ideal option for those who want a large indoor grill. Tire rim is not so available for everyone expects those with automobile garage, workshop and a lot of old tires. However, you can make this indoor grill with a single tire or too and customize it however you want.

For the single tire rim, the process is just like a piece of cake. Take the side and clean it thoroughly and place it on a solid base like cement or ground. Then put inside a bunch of hot charcoal and place the grill rack or net on top of it. Make sure the rack large enough to cover the hole well. For customize option, cut the rims in semicircle shape in one side of them. Now place one rim top of the other rim matching the circles, so it looks like a whole circle. This will give you room to control the torture by adding or removing the charcoals very easily.

Rims are heavy so, it could be your permanent BBQ solution for parties. Once you make this indoor grill, it will be a solution for rest of your life


There is a lot of option to make such these kinds of the grill. It could be your old and damaged oven or even the junk washing machine. All you need is a net/ grill rack or at least thick wire to make an excellent surface to keep the meat/ fish etc. just make sure your grill has a waterproof cover to keep the charcoal burn properly. It’s better to keep some aluminum foil because it’s versatile option while grilling. To control the temperature like lessening the heat gives the charcoal a light splash of water on the grill. For increasing the heat add more charcoal to the grill. I am sure, you have got how do you grill without a grill. So, for more tips and guide, just stay with us.

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