How can I get FREE Internet?

Internet connection doesn’t have to be expensive nowadays. In fact, it can even be free below the right circumstances. We are not speaking about stealing; there are genuine legal means of obtaining free Internet at your laptop or phone.

Get Free Internet at Home:
The easiest way to receive free Internet at home is to use from your next-door-neighbor, with their agreement of course. It might be unfair to require them to allow you free access all day long, but think to ask them for their Wi-Fi password if you hardly need to hop online in an accident.

If you are too shy to ask your next-door-neighbor for their password or are not on the best seasons with them, don’t despair; you can still find free Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in your city. Websites such as Full Free ISP and Freedom List include search tools that let you find free ISP services by your city.

There are more ISPs that designate small numbers of dial-up access per house each month, though you’ll have to communicate the providers in your area to consult if you are covered. Another alternative is to contact cable provider. They sometimes add free Wi-Fi hotspots by their subscription services.

You can also transport Internet from your phone to your laptop. Few providers, like T-Mobile, give plans that include unlimited wireless data shift from your smartphone to the computer. Unlike a standard Wi-Fi hotspot, there’s no cover, and you can transfer the data. You’re spending for the data on your phone, however moving it to your laptop enables you to have Internet in your home externally paying for different service.

If you are Blackberry owner, you can apply it as a makeshift modem working Bluetooth to make free Internet on your laptop as great.

While attractive as it may look, stealing free Wi-Fi from next-door-neighbor who transmit their accounts unprotected is not supported. Not just is it stealing. Still, it could also open you live to hackers and viruses that’ll affect your computer and get access to secret information.

Now I shall talk about some free internet service provider:

1. NetZero:

It has been providing internet entrance for nearly two decades. Most of the user doesn’t know this, but you can still make free dial-up internet way from NetZero. Still, it is capped at 10 hours of usage per month. It is free, albeit slow, internet connection.

You can join for your free account also use this list of access products to dial in You will want a phone modem for your computer for this to do this. They do offer free email assistance to help get you set up. Although, you will require paying if you want phone support.

2. Juno:

Juno is like NetZero; It also offers 10 hours a month free internet connection. The service is dial-up same as NetZero. For this, it is much slower than even a smartphone connected above 3G. Again, you will require a phone modem to join. They offer thousands of access numbers universal. You can join for a Juno account.

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