Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper Reviews

No parent in this world does not understand the exhausting game of baby shuffle at midnight. In the beginning few months of life of the newborns, it is tough for them to change. They cannot sleep easily because their minds are but pretty enough tied to the emotions they felt inside their mother’s uterus for a long time. That is why children get mad only about sleeping position and cries.

So, a rock and play bassinet would be an excellent choice in that case. Below is the details review of Fisher-Price Newborn Rock’s Play Sleeper.

Baby Soothing System

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock’s Play contains a baby-friendly soothing system including 12 songs and three sound effects, two different speeds of gentle rocking motion and link-able clacker toy. The system produces slight humming to support the baby sleep better. Still, it cannot be considered as loud. At bedtime or sleep time, inclined sleeper calm baby to sleep with turning music and sound. There is a device that rocks the sleeper gently head to toe all evening.

-Smart Control of the System:

You can help your small one ride off to sleep without disturbing by using this baby sleeper. By using smart compare app, you can check the settings right from your smart device. The app is readily downloadable. The smart attach app enables you to get things done around the house while your little one rests. You can check the volume of the music and the songs as well as the rocking up to 20 times of your smart device. Hands-free rocking action with just a push of a button gives a sense of comfort and bedtime habit for the baby. It helps to calm baby to sleep.

-Sensory Skill Development:

Visual skills are encouraged by the soothing songs, many sound effects and playing with the toy. Whenever your baby is ready to perform, you can use the songs, sound effects and linkable clacker toy to keep your baby occupied and entertained.

-Customizable Modes:

There are two customized styles you can add up to. You can add music, vibration for babies comfort and make your customized playlist to your baby’s enjoyment.


Among the safety standards of Fisher-Price Newborn Rock’s Play, the most important one is the three-point order to keep the baby in place including safe while you are busy cooking, cleaning or doing other things. The sleeper is also high rather so that pets don’t give the baby. In this website, I also discussed on more bassinets which are deliberately taken considering the safety and other qualifications.

Health of the Baby

It is a cozy sleeper including just the right angle. Here, the baby is continually sitting up. This helps babies including reflux issues. It is also helpful for the babies they are sick including a runny nose or spitting excessively from teething. This position restricts secretion to be killed on and enables them to drain. Also, it is composed of Lead-free alloys.

Soothe, nap and play in one prone sleeper is now possible by the Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. It has got a grand prize for what it is. There are different models, Lots of style and color option. It can be a great gift for child shower. It can be described the ultimate sweet idea machine.

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