EVGA GeForce GTX 950 Review

We all enjoy studying about greatest graphics cards and the excitement of gaming at a 4K presentation, but in fact, few of us are either prepared or able to entertain such races. If last month’s Cloud user statistics are anything to go by, the bulk of PC gamers still play at a universal 1,920x,1080 full-HD resolution, and the second most successful decision? A humble 1,366×768.

For those reasons only, you could show that the GeForce GTX 950 is the most beneficial GTX 900-series commodity launch to date, as it’s a GPU that casual gamers including MOBA users will lap-up in droves. Our original review has provided that GTX 950 is quite attuned to full-HD 1080p gaming, so we utilize our application today to different companion card in the purchase of EVGA’s GeForce GTX 950 SSC.

Rated at £140, EVGA’s SSC provides a £15 premium over necessary cards and in account offers a tried-and-trusted ACX 2.0 cooler finished by low-power, double-ball-bearing fans and a trio of excellent 8mm heat pipes. We can tell you immediately that this item runs very quiet at all times, and it arrives in a cooperative dual-slot form part measuring 275mm in diameter.

Below the hood, the 768-core exception of the GM206 Maxwell GPU is company overclocked to the base including boost numbers of 1,190MHz and 1,393MHz, individually. That’s up to 17 percent quicker than writing, and real-world activities can also be higher than what’s printed on the box. While our benchmarks, we routinely got EVGA’s card running at 1,456MHz.

Important as the core rate is, the GTX 950’s potential weak spot is the little 2GB GDDR5 support buffer that catches up to the GPU’s 32 ROPs via a small 128-bit bus. This memory arrangement was held a real check on the GeForce GTX 960, though it’s a little easier to belly on the more affordable GTX 950. EVGA has the supported buffer set to work at a book 6,612MHz, though as we’ll explain a little delayed in the review, there’s lots of room to go above.

Scanning the rest of the card’s exterior shows a separate SLI connector, a twin-BIOS switch for those who require tinkering, furthermore an eight-pin PCIe energy connector. The end provides the SSC card extra juice than Nvidia’s source specification charges – GTX 950 is officially named for a single 6-pin connector – and though fans will recognize the availability of and power, we’re still merely ruing the case that this mainstream GPU cannot be limousine powered.

As you would expect from an EVGA card, performance and develop quality is excellent, and the entire package is supported by a three-year guarantee that’s movable to a second owner. Helpful if you upgrade each another year and require to sell the paper on.

There is not a big deal to add from a technology view. We know the GTX 950 is frequently GTX 960 on a diet – although that’s no bad thing, including EVGA has dotted the I’s and joined the Ts. Getting all the basics correct, we like the performance that the card’s products have been kept in the industry including our expectations of a high-end 900-series section. That means yourself get DVI, HDMI 2.0 with maintenance 4K60 including a trio of DisplayPort 1.2.

The single thing that’s blowing, it seems, is for a backplate to be added as standard, but such a luxury could be considered overkill for a card of that ilk, including EVGA has had that particular piece for its top-of-the-line FTW alternative, which if you’re involved costs only £5 extra.

All in total, the GTX 950 has all the trademarks of an excellent 1080p gaming card.

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