How to check original phone from a fake one

Nowadays, before buying a mobile phone, it is very important to know how to check the original phone. In this edge of science, the mobile phone is essential for communication and entertainment. It is the great invention of the modern science that blessing for all. You can take a photo, listening song, and browsing the internet, etc. if you have a smartphone. Baying a phone is risky because nowadays it’s can be copied. Original and copied phone look like same. So you need to know your phone original or not.

Ways to check the original phone

check original phone from a fake one

To get a good experience to buy a phone from Online Shopping or anywhere else, at first you need to identify that your phone is original or duplicate. But you don’t do this if you don’t know how to check the original phone. At these issues today I am going to describe how to check original phone below:

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Check the software and specifications

To identify the original mobile phone at first, you can check the software. When your phone is an iPhone, you have to remember that iPhone clones is not Java Capable. iOS does not use for clone manufacture. If you want to download the app, then you have to go iTunes App store, not Google Play.

You can check product specification by going to the Settings. If the specification doesn’t match then, you should think that this phone may not be original. By the using of the third party app, you can check the specification of your phone. “Antutu Benchmark” will help you to test your device speed, and it can detect full specification. When this play store app shows you different company’s name, then your phone may not be original.

Check the build quality

Most of the time high ended mobile set are made of high-quality materials. You can check your phone by comparing with some other phones of the same model and brand. If you want, then you can review the materials to go to the phone manufacturer website. For example, the Samsung phone screen is made of glass, but if manufacture website states that it is made by plastic than your phone might be not original.

Check the serial number

In the time of buying a phone, you can check the serial number whether your phone is real or clone. If you have iPhone, then you can check the serial number by going to Setting option. At first, go to Setting. Then find the General option. From here, go to the About Phone option. You can get the serial number from the earlier option. After getting this number, you need to put it to check your device warranty. When it shows “We are sorry” then your phone might be fake.

Check the IMEI

If your mobile phone is an Android Smartphone, you will find the IMEI number on the backside of the handset. If you are not able to read the IMEI number from the sticker, you can find it in another way. Go to the Settings option then About and then Status. Here the IMEI is available. Besides, you can get the IMEI by dialing *#06#. Then you go to the IMEI info. Now input the IMEI and hit the Check button. By this, you can verify the information on your phone. If you find that it shows the information that is different from your phone, then this handset might be clone or fake.

Check the camera quality

Most of the fake phone has a low-quality camera. For this, it will give you low-quality images with lower resolution. The sharpness, crispness of the photos will also be lack of quality. You can determine the difference for the high-quality Smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy Note series, Sony Experia, etc. easily by checking the camera features. The features such as selective focus, IOS, dual flash, HDR, sweep panorama, face recognition will be missing for the fake device. So, take a shot and then check it to avoid purchasing the face phone.

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Do the factory reset to determine the fake phone

You can do a factory reset or a hard reset of your handset to identify the fake one. For this, you can use a factory reset tool. Go to the Settings option and from here select the Backup and reset. Then select erase all. You can see strange boot logo if your Android device is fake. Besides, you can get a loop after the factory reset.

Compare your phone with an original one

It is another good idea to identify a fake Android phone. Take an original phone of the same model and then put your phone beside it. Check the appearance very carefully. You will find something different for the fake device. The edge of the clone device will be wider than the original one. Screen resolution will also be lower.

Check the device’s performance

Always a clone device will behind at the case of the performance. It will show low performance than the original one. When you open the two phones at the same time, the fake one will take a little bit more time to be opened. You can also run some applications such as browser, game and will find some differences. By this, you can easily find out the fake one.

Check the warranty

An original phone comes with a longer warranty period than a fake phone. So, the oral agreement is not for the unique device. Clone phone comes with shorter warranty because the counterfeiters cannot give the guarantee of this phone as it last longer.

In the mobile markets, fake or clone phones are very common. Many sellers sell fake devices like the original phone and earn a handsome amount of money. So, it is a risk for the buyer who wants to get the original Android phone. As the appearance of a fake phone is very much similar to the original one, it is now hard to identify the original phone and fake one. For this, it is now essential to know how to check the original phone before buying a Smartphone. If you follow the tips above, you can avoid purchasing fake or clone phones.

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