Blu-Ray Vs DVD You will be Surprised who is Winner

You are waiting to replicate your film – comes a moderately important choice: Blu-Ray vs DVD.

You may reminisce that the new answer is to opt for DVD replication. After all, everyone has a DVD player, correct? Moreover, the associated prices are great. But that does not necessarily indicate it is the best choice for your appropriate uses and conditions.

Blu-Ray Vs DVD

First, let’s get a look at the variations between the two formats.


650nm laser read mechanism
7GB storage capacity (8.5GB dual layer)
720×420 HD output
Publically released in 1997


405nm laser read mechanism
25GB storage capacity (50GB dual layer)
1920×1080 Full HD output
Publically released in 2006

It’s instantly apparent, then, that Blu-ray is the superior technology – not only is it ready to store more, but the picture quality is much sharper, thanks, in part, to the disc’s closeness to the blue-violet laser practiced to interpret the data. But is the juice worth the pressure?

These are the two points you will want to be thinking – as you no doubt have now. What’s your statement, and what is the purpose of the complete product? Let’s look at cost first.


As you might expect from an earlier and more widely available media, DVD is the cheaper of the two formats. That’s great if you are working on a smaller budget, or you are looking to cast your net as remote and as full as practicable.

Blu-ray, on another hand, is more valuable. That should come as no astonishment presented that it’s the newer and superior technology. But by giving more, you will be able to introduce a whole lot more on a single disc – which is perfect if you are attending to distribute a lot of content as quickly and as affordable as possible.


And what do you intend to distribute? What are the applications, and who make you want to give it to?

Considering who is going to see your product is essential. Of course, Blu-ray is growing ever-more attractive, with multicultural Blu-ray players in Smart TVs, and in both major games consoles, only the dominant model is still DVD.


On the other hand, if you want the disc to be seen multiple times; if there’s a replay value, then Blu-ray delivers your product a more professional and up-market feel. Pay a little bit more, and you get to take home all the prestige that comes with it.

No matter whether you’re releasing a first EP, at some point, you’re going to have to begin thinking how you require your product packaged.

-Think Product Purpose:

Think about what you’re trying to achieve with CD either DVD. Something will occur to it, once it is distributed? If it’s going to end up on a client’s desk either perching on a shelf in the boardroom, then the packaging should look the part, numerous yet professional. Would not necessarily have to be designed with durability in mind.

Approaching the opposite hand, if you intend to ship your product around the country or even the globe, then you should take. Indeed, that MC Escher-inspired box that’s 5ft across is sure to attract an audience, but is it going to survive a 3000-mile trip in transportation?

Finally, it can look like a balancing act, balancing both works that are eye-catching and imaginative with its final goal. Don’t jump into your packaging designs too quickly – execute certain they are precisely what you want and, more importantly, say just what you want to say.

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